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Let us guide you. It's what we do!

Today, over 1 000,000 Orpheo Audio Guides, Audio Phones or Multi-Media Systems are in use all over the world, offering millions of tourists an unforgettable visit. Orpheo has earned its reputation as an inventor of cultural solutions through the creation, recording and translating of innovative audio and inspired Multi-Media Guided Tours.

Tourism and Communications Coordinator


Art Historian

Director, Maritime Historic Site of Pointe-au-Pere

Coordinator factory visits, BOA-FRANC




Microphone / earphone system to help workers to comply with distancing due to COVID-19.


Our solution adapts to all indoor and outdoor environments. Communication is made possible in very noisy environments.


Easy to handle and adaptable, the Orpheo system is the solution for discussing, training, and working in the factory.


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Our Products

Orpheo Canada offers a full range of products and services in the field of guided tours, from audio-guides to portable multimedia devices. Here are some of them :

Orpheo TG




Orpheo Mikro




Mobile technology for guided tour

We offer a full range of services related to the audio guided tour, the realization of device-specific content, the development of "Built to Order" hardware and software. We offer a complete range of products and services that allow you to set up, in line with your budget, an exceptional visit experience (audioguide, multimedia videoguide, radio guide system).



From the simple and elegant audioguide, to the custom built, cross-platform multimedia system.




Our main fields of activity range from tourist-oriented tours to industrial visits, and also include:

  • Logistics and project management for guided tour;

  • The design and production of thematic routes;

  • Rental or sale of specialized equipment for self-guided tour;

  • Customized audiovisual solutions.


Orpheo Canada brings together a team of project managers, sound producers, technicians in programming and technical editing.The firm also draws on a large pool of resources in writing, translation, graphic design and scriptwriting. Through our mandates, we associates ourselves with people whose expertise is recognized in theatrical, museum and university settings, as well as the selection of professional actresses and actors who embody the characters created by our screenwriters.

We have a professional recording studio and a list of experienced composers, musicians and arrangers to meet all your needs.


Here are some examples of services we can offer:

  • Live recording of a multitrack musical performance

  • Narration

  • Sound editing and mixing

  • Musical arrangements and creation of original content

  • Sound effects

Orpheo Studio

Expertise and Know-How

Demo - Museums and Gardens

Demo - Religious heritage


Some of our satisfied clients :